I am a researcher in Human – Computer Interaction (HCI) with an interest in developing novel technologies to enable health and well-being in the broadest sense. I work in cross-disciplinary collaborations to re-purpose and integrate basic technologies to solve real-world problems. My recent work has been focused on how we can integrate computer vision into useful real-world applications.

I am a member of Human Experience & Design (HXD) research group at Microsoft Research Cambridge. My current research is on the development of an interactive application to support the clinical assessment of Multiple Sclerosis using depth-sensing computer vision and novel machine learning techniques. Specifically designed to work in real-world clinical settings, ASSESS MS is the first system to enable clinical assessment using computer vision outside a laboratory context.

My expertise lies in bringing multidisciplinary teams together through ideation. I also use ethnographic and qualitative methods to help understand practices in situ. These practices come together with the technical approach to create a workable system in practice. I have particular experience working with health professionals and carrying out translational research in the National Health Service.

My aim is to build technologies that matter to people.

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